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Infant and Toddler Programming

At Puddle Jumpers we strive to create a warm and welcoming environment for young children to transition into a school setting. We encourage parents and teachers to create a positive and open dialogue to share information and create an understanding of your child and their time in the classroom.

Using High Scope Key Development Indicators, educators introduce students to opportunities for learning and development that is exploratory in nature. These programs focus on transitioning and learning how to interact with peers socially, developing and understanding routines, and fostering a sense of belonging in their learning environment.

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Preschool Programming
Preschool students – get ready for kindergarten! With the Preschool program we continue to encourage student development following the High Scope Key Developmental Indicators which are more detailed and focused for the Preschool age group.

Educators encourage students to take ownership of their learning and become more independent with completing tasks and activities. Students participate in activities that introduce them to the letters of the alphabet and numbers.

With small and large group activities, students are able to receive attention and guidance from their educators, as they scaffold activities with students. Open communication is encouraged to ensure parents and educators are aware of student development, and there is a report card and progress report that is given to parents throughout the year.

To learn more about the High Scope Key Development Indicators your child will be encouraged to develop, click here.

School Age Program (Before and After School)
This fun and interactive program is for students who attend Peel District/Peel Dufferin Catholic schools during the day. Our Before School program consists of family grouping and exploration of materials in the classroom. Students are either walked to school or their bus stop depending on arrangements made before enrollment.

Our After-School program is student led, as they participate in science experiments, outdoor exploration and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) activities, just to name a few! Programming for the School Agers follows High Scope Key Development Indicators, and upon parent request the teacher can ensure there is dedicated homework time. Hands on and creative, the leaders of Puddle Jumpers and students in the School Age program have fun!

Christmas, March Break and Summer Camps also available.

Preschool- Kindergarten/Kindergarten Program
Puddle Jumpers offers a private school setting for Kindergarten with a smaller class size, and a combination of student led and structured activities. Like the Peel District and Dufferin Peel Catholic School boards, students are evaluated three times a year with progress reports and report cards. Parent-teacher interviews are also conducted.

Puddle Jumpers Preschool uses High Scope Key Development Indicators as well as the ELECT (Early Learning for Every Child Today) document. A mixture of Preschool and Kindergarten students allows for extensions of learning so that each student’s learning goals are met and further challenged. These individualized goals are established with parents and teacher input to ensure each child is getting challenged in the classroom.

Communication between families and the educator is important to us, therefore, the educator communicates with parents daily through the relaying of observations orally or through an online application. Through this application parents are able to receive pictures, videos, reminders or notes from the educator. Every month parents can expect calendars, learning stories and special events such as field trips.

On a weekly basis, students participate in structured small group time where there is a focus on math, literacy and fine motor skills. Reading Programs as well as classroom community projects are implemented and rotated amongst the students. A focused program that prepares preschoolers for Kindergarten, and challenges and focuses Kindergarten learning is what you can expect from Puddle Jumpers Preschool Kindergarten/Kindergarten Program!

To learn more about the High Scope Key Development Indicators your child will be encouraged to develop, click here.

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